Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will my child make progress if they are in a class with older/younger pupils?

Yes. A broad and balanced curriculum will be delivered to all children within these merged classes. Teachers, through thorough knowledge of the children in their class, will plan and deliver learning opportunities that are appropriate for them individually, offering challenge and support in the areas that they need.In every class, even in single year groups, there is always a wide spread of abilities and teachers focus on what each child knows, what they can already do and what they need to be taught next. 

  • Will changing class groups yearly affect my child’s confidence?

Children are very adaptable and positive to change and it is good for children to experience classes with different children. They develop and acquire a larger circle of friends that extends beyond their traditional age group. This supports them to develop socially and emotionally into confident individuals, able to communicate, relate and learn with and from children of different ages. 

  • If my child stays in a younger class will they move to secondary school at the same time as their friends?

Yes they will. Pupils move to secondary education at the end of Year 6, irrespective of which classes they are in, or have been in, during their time at primary school.