Prayer and Worship

As a Church school we believe every child is made in the image of God and, therefore, we want the best for them.  We provide opportunities through prayer and worship for our pupils to develop spiritually, reflecting on the bigger questions of life and using moral judgement to make wise decisions.  This is achieved through reflecting on our six Christian Values of compassion, integrity, forgiveness, perseverance, respect and responsibility.

Through prayer and worship pupils are inspired to set their sights high and strive for excellence in every element of their school life.  As they move around the school pupils are constantly reminded, through displays, of their responsibilities to care for, respect each other and shine out.

We pray every day together in a variety of ways.  The school holds daily collective worship when pupils are encouraged to pray; hear scripture readings from the Bible; and praise God through song and through prayers created by themselves.  Every Friday the whole school worships and celebrates weekly achievements in The Grosvenor Chapel.

There are also times during the day when we hold formal prayers.  Pupils come together as a class to bless and give thanks for their food at lunchtimes and to ask for God’s continued protection at the end of the school day.

Pupils are given the opportunity to plan and write prayers as part of classroom practice, whole school assemblies and prayer services. 

Throughout the school year the school visits the parish churches.

Parents are invited to all school acts of collective worship and church services.