Year Three

Welcome to Form 3

Curriculum Overview for Autumn

Our topic at the beginning of the autumn term was ‘Treasure’.

We explored what could be meant by ‘treasure’ and considered the various things we value and treasure in our own lives. We explored the story of ‘Treasure Island’ by Robert Louis Stevenson and used this to help us write our own narrative about treasure. We will also be learning about treasure hunters and explorers and the treasures they have found. To conclude our project we wrote our own treasure stories which we made into a class book.


The texts we have studied are Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson, Pebble in my Pocket by Meredith Cooper and Father Christmas by Raymond Briggs. We have been writing stories by planning, redrafting and editing, writing diary entries, and learning how to structure an informal letter. We have been applying the spelling, grammar and punctuation we have been learning in our writing by using suffixes and prefixes, speech marks, first person and paragraphs.


In maths we have been learning to recall our 3, 4 and 8 times tables to help us with our multiplication and division. We have been using our knowledge of place value to add and subtract three digit numbers. We have learned how to write fractions and find fractions of amounts. We have also been finding change, learning to describe and make 2D and 3D shapes, and recognise right angles.


In RE we have been exploring Judaism and, Parables and Advent. We have been describing religious materials, making links between stories, beliefs and practices and our own experiences.


Our Science topics have been Rocks and Keeping Healthy. We learned how to describe and analyse rocks, name different rocks and investigated which rocks were most suitable for building with by testing their permeability. We have been learning about the human body and how we can keep ourselves healthy by eating a balanced diet.

History and Geography

We have been learning all about ancient Egypt this term. We have been thinking about how archaeology teaches us about the past and extracting information by looking at ancient Egyptian artefacts. In Geography we learned about Australia.

Art and DT

We have been using pastels, paints and collage materials in art. During international week we studied Australian Aboriginal art and created our own paintings in the same style.


In Spanish we have learned how to greet each other, how to ask one another how we are and explain how we are feeling and how to count to twenty. We can name different class room objects and we have been learning Spanish phonics to help us read and pronounce words correctly.