Year One

Welcome to Form 1

Stay up to date with what we have been doing in Form 1!

Last term Form 1 completed the topic of ‘Celebrations’. They focused on Bonfire Night, Diwali, Thanksgiving, Advent and Christmas.

The children made wanted posters for Guy Fawkes, learnt about the History of Bonfire night and the story of the Gun Powder plot whilst learning about Bonfire Night. They also made firework pictures using glitter and black paper. The children also learnt how to count in 2’s,5’s and 10’s using Gunpowder barrels.

During learning about Diwali the children learnt about the story of Rama and Sita, sequenced the story and wrote the story in their own words. They acted out the story in groups and performed them to the class as well as writing letters to Ravana. They also made Diwa lamps using clay to sculpt the correct shape as well as making paper lanterns. They also looked at which countries in the World celebrate Diwali. The children made Rangoli patterns in Maths using paint, Rubber bands and peg boards. They also began measuring in cm’s using the characters in the story to measure.

Whilst learning about Thanksgiving the children learnt about the Pilgrims and Native Americans as well as writing invitations to our Thanksgiving party, writing about what they are thankful for and making Turkey themed cupcakes to have at our party. The children were able to talk about and write about the very first thanksgiving meal. They also focused on where Thanksgiving was celebrated and how the Pilgrims travelled to America. They used Beebots to travel across the World map using North, South, East and West as directions for the Beebot. The children also began to learn about money and adding money together to find out how much a Thanksgiving dinner would cost. They also used rulers to measure how long harvest food, such as corn, is.

They learnt about Advent and the meaning given to each candle on the Advent Wreath and they were able to write about when they felt joy, love, peace and hope. They made our own class Advent wreath using their hands as the leaves and wrote on them how they are going to prepare for the birth of Jesus. They also made a class Advent Calendar which is made of prayers. The children used weighing scales and accurately weighing Christmas decorations using grams.

We also learnt about Christmas and the Nativity story. The children wrote the Nativity story in their own words and thought about the structure of the story. They wrote plans and used Story Mountains to help them with the beginning, middle and end of the story. They children also learnt songs for the Nativity performance and performed with the rest of KS1 at the end of term. The children weighed parcels and letters to post at the post office for Christmas. Form 1 also attended the Living Nativity at London Zoo where they saw the Nativity story acted out.

In maths we also learned about; Sequencing numbers on a 100 square, addition word problems, taking away activities. 


Spring Term

This term Form one will be focusing on the topic ‘The World’ during this topic Form 1 will be focusing on the local area of the school, extended to London and then to Great Britain. Then they will move onto learning about the 7 continents as well as the seas and Oceans that surround the continents. Then they will learn about Space. The children will have the opportunity to have parents coming in to class to share experiences of their home countries, a trip to the Horniman Museum to experience Africa and a trip to the Science museum to experience Space.

They will be learning to write letters, create their own stories, looking at the characteristics of a non-fiction text, creating puppets for a puppet show, create a campaign and present it, persuasive writing and diary writing.

The children will also be exploring how to make a class Atlas. They will learn how to draw delicate items, shade and collage accurately. They will make finger puppets by sewing, construct 3D models of buildings and make a bus from Lego and learn how to light it using a circuit.

They will use robots and computers to learn about algorithms and move the robot around the world.

The children will listen to a range of music from Africa and Asia and create their own piece of music using a range of musical instruments.

The children will focus on Seasonal changes and how plants grow in science.

In Maths children will be learning about time, multiplication and division.