Year Four

Welcome to Form 4

October 2016

In Form Four, our topic is Nutrition. We will be learning about healthy eating, the foods our bodies need, and where those foods come from. We’ll also be learning basic meal preparation skills, which the children are welcome to practice at home! The students will be working in teams to create a school-wide advertising campaign for different fruits. Maths and Literacy will be covered in our project as we learn about nutritional value and advertising copy. We’re also focusing on cooking, seasonality and nutrition in Design and Technology and learning about where our food comes from in Geography. In Science we are learning about digestion.

In Autumn 2, we learned about ancient Greece. We learned about ancient Greek philosophy, government and geography, but more than anything else we focused on ancient Greek art and design. We looked at pictures of ancient Greek statues and tried making our own sculptures out of clay.

After learning so much about ancient Greece, we looked at how ancient Greek art and design influenced later artists like Giambologna and Rubens. We researched influential artists so we could write biographies about them and so we could learn about their work and be inspired for our own design projects. We learned how to estimate and calculate measurements and how to find area and perimeter. Then we used sketchbooks and computers to design our own dream classrooms. We also sang in the Westminster Christmas Carol Festival. It was a busy half-term!

Spring Term

This Spring, we will be learning all about the history, geography and languages of South America! In Spring 1, we’ll learn all about the different parts of South America, from the Amazon to the Andes and from penguins to piranhas. We’ll be creating our own travel brochures for South America and writing adventure stories, plus we’ll do the math for an imaginary trip across South America. Miss Loureda will teach us Spanish words and phrases that would help us on our travels to Spanish-speaking countries.

In Spring 2, we’ll focus in on Ecuador, learning all about the equator and learning about a special endangered language called Kichwa. We’ll hear from experts on endangered languages and learn about language conservation. In Science, we’ll be learning all about sound and the science of hearing. Finally, we’ll design computer games to help children around the world to learn Kichwa and get feedback from actual computer programmers.