Year Five

Welcome to Form 5

So far this year Form 5 have had a really busy time.  The children have achieved a huge amount and had an amazing time so far.  Please follow what we have been ding by visiting us here for regular updates.

Autumn Term

This term in Form 5, we have been learning about “Buildings”; looking at the purposes of different buildings around the world as well as the different materials used in constructing them. We wrote letters to architects, asking them for advice on designing our own buildings. We also designed tourist information leaflets on a famous Mayan settlement: the ruins of Chichen Itza. In Computing and Geography, we researched the effects of pollution, deforestation and over-development on the environment and wildlife, collating our findings and using them to produce a series of awareness posters. More recently, we even visited Warner Bros. Studios for a tour of the making of the Harry Potter films, which showed us how film sets are constructed and props designed!

We’ve also had a project on “Hamlet”, the play by William Shakespeare, after being selected to take part in the Shakespeare Schools’ Festival with a performance at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts studio theatre. We spent our English lessons workshopping how to deliver a series of lines in different ways; how to present ourselves on stage and how to stage certain scenes in different ways so as to create a desired mood. We wrote setting descriptions on Elsinore, thinking about effective use of the five senses in our writing. We had a workshop at Morley College with members of the SSF team, who gave us tips on how to prepare our play. The performance itself at RADA theatre was well-attended, and our pupils were delighted to be able to take part!