School Values

Christian Values are at the heart of all we do at St George’s. Each year we choose a set number of Values to focus on. Each half term one of those values becomes our theme for the half term. This year we are focusing on the values of:

Respect; Kindness; Creativity; Forgiveness; Friendship; Honesty. 

This term we will be learning about the value of ‘Friendship’.

Each half term we will be holding a ‘Values day’. These are special days in the year where parents are able to spend time with their children in school. Typically they start with breakfast, followed by Collective Worship and then activities in the classroom (all based on the value). The Values Days that we have held over the past year have been a tremendous success, which the children have thoroughly enjoyed and spoke about fondly since.

As we think about the meaning of friendship, and reflect upon how Jesus is a friend to us all, consider these wise words.

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