So here we are sitting watching a movie whilst we wait for our evening activity- the infamous ‘Nightwalk’ -sipping on a hot chocolate.  We will shortly be embarking on a walk through the woods, in the dark (and the rain!), with just a torch and our friends to adventure with.  We will update everyone on how the walk goes when we write again tomorrow.

So, we got up this morning after only a few hours sleep to find a grumpy looking Mr Jones sipping his 100th coffee; Miss Slater looking ready for the day, and Mr Shore looking ‘fresh as a daisy’ (apparently he didn’t hear any of our shenanigans in the night and slept like a baby). A short trip to a full English breakfast accompanied by cups of tea (one of us mixing a pot of marmalade into theirs, thinking it was honey) and then the days activities began. 

The morning was spent pond dipping in the two ponds here at Sayers Croft. There were many close encounters with the edge of the pond and a few of the girls nearly took an early bath complete with sticklebacks and pond snails. Fortunately no one went in and we actually managed to gather many different creatures from the different layers of the pond, ready to look at them more closely in the lab. 

The teachers were all amazed at the Smooth Newt that one of the groups caught and Josh- our Sayers Croft leader- said that one of us had found something that he had never seen caught in the ponds before (a juvenile snail with no shell).

Soon enough we were all starving again (our go to feeling in any situation) and we scurried over to a lunch of spaghetti bolognese with garlic and herb balls.

In the afternoon we split into three groups and went off to do archery, make hazel frames and navigate the woods with compasses. We had an amazing time running around the woods and one or two of us were aces at archery.  Olympics here we come!

After showers and some ‘downtime’ we had a dinner of chicken and mushroom pie; roast chicken or beef ghoulash with vegetables and then we returned to our dormitory to relax before the walk that we await. 

So we all anticipate more fun tomorrow and will update you again soon. We all miss you but are having so much fun!