So here we are at Sayers Croft!

After a slightly slow start we got here and with much excitement, settled in; unpacked our cases; made our beds and got to lunch- a nice hot jacket potato with a choice of toppings followed by flapjacks.

The day progressed with orienteering sessions and then some team building games that tested out ability to work together and communicate effectively (something that we realised we really need to practise more!).

The sun started to set and with it came the cold evening, so we returned to our dormitories and had some free time before heading out for dinner (a choice of sausages, Cajun chicken, a range of vegetables and desserts).

In the evening we played giant games such as; connect four; skittles; snakes and ladders and others.

A few of us started to feel a little homesick as tiredness snuck up on us but eventually we all got to sleep.

A mere few hours later we woke to begin again and have more adventures. Make sure you check back later for Tuesday’s update and we may even have some photos to share!!