Pelican Music

Music lessons at St. George’s are provided by Pelican Music, a company which provides instrumental lessons and ensemble courses across schools in West London. Pelican Music believe in giving every child the highest quality musical tradition, and our ultimate aim is that all our students will have music as a life-long companion. All their teachers are top quality professional musicians and educators.

The music teachers at St. George’s are:

  • Emiliano Caroselli – Drums
  • Matthew Duncan – Piano
  • Fred Lawton – Guitar
  • Colm O’Reilly – Violin
  • Emily Shapiro – Woodwind
  • Peter Yarde Martin – Brass, Piano, and Music Lead

Pelican Music also run an after-school singing club and a before-school worship band at St. George’s, as well as individual instrumental tuition on the following instruments:

Violin – from reception Viola – from reception Cello – from reception Piano – from year 1
Flute/Fife – from year 1 Clarinet – from year 2 Guitar – from year 1 Trumpet/Cornet – from year 2
French Horn – year 4 Trombone – from year 3 Euphonium – from year 4 Drum Kit – from year 2
Saxophone – from year 5      

If you would like to register your interest for music lessons for your child at St. George’s, you can visit​, or for more information visit or email the Pelican Music Lead, Peter Yarde Martin, at

Peter Yarde-Martin

Peter Yarde Martin is currently the director of music at St Peters church in Nottinghill where he coaches the church children’s band and gospel choir as well as running the music for the church services. He also teaches peripatetic brass in a school in Barnet where he runs their full brass band. He is a Cambridge graduate.