Club information

After school clubs

Welcome to our clubs page. All clubs will commence in the week beginning 18th September and a wide range of clubs are on offer, with at least 1 club each day on offer for each age group across the school. We are offering extended school coverage until 5pm each day through our range of clubs.

Clubs must be paid for a term in advance in order to facilitate the booking.  Children cannot attend clubs unless payment has been made.

The timetable for these will be as follows:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Basketball Forms 3 – 6 Football Forms R-1 Football Forms 2-3 Football Forms 4-6 Maths Forms 1 – 6
Singing Forms R – 2 Judo Forms 1 and 2  Street dance Forms R-6 Art Forms R – 2  
Science Club Forms 3 – 6 Science Forms R-2 Code Club Forms 2-6 Judo Forms 3-6  
 Extended  Art Forms 3 – 6 Basketball Forms R – 2    

If your child is picked up late from the club or misbehaves more than 3 times they will be unable to continue with their club.